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Victoria Home Inspection

Inspecting Your Potential Home Purchase is a Crucial Step

Having a home inspection in Victoria is a crucial step in the process of a home purchase. Our company has been inspecting homes in Greater Victoria for many years now. As the owner and operator of the company I have personally inspected thousands of properties from new construction to one hundred year old homes and everything in-between.

New homes and condominiums offer an interesting perspective of our current trends in design and decor. They tend to flow naturally with open concepts, large windows to allow for an abundance of light and functionality with purpose in the kitchen and entertainment areas. They also tend to be smaller in size with each year that passes.

Most condominiums I’ve inspected in the last few years are less than one thousand square feet. In fact, lately many tend to be less than six hundred square feet. Still, I admire the ability for good design and functionality to provide a great living space. Even when the living space is relatively small the building inspection process remains the same and takes the same amount of time as a large living space. We still have to look at the exterior of the building to see if a rain screen has been incorporated throughout the exteriors or on portions of the exterior. We like to see the roof where possible to get an idea of its age and general condition.

Read Your Strata Minutes

Normally, strata minutes and information about the exteriors and roofs are available from the Strata Council as well as past, present and pending maintenance and repair information which buyers should inform themselves of.

During the inspection of the interior of the home we check the plumbing, electrical and heating systems. We also like to see the basement, storage lockers and underground parking areas. While common areas are not considered to be part of the inspection we do like to see as much of the property as possible.

We document and describe as much information about the home as we are able to in a short period of time. A typical condo inspection takes two hours, including a report. The walk-through generally takes thirty to forty minutes.

We enjoy inspecting older homes as we can see how the homes were built to suit the needs of their inhabitants of that time. They do tend to reveal some surprises occasionally.

When inspecting a house, we normally start with the exterior and roof. Then we move to the interior to inspect the foundations, basement or crawlspace, structure, plumbing, electrical, heating systems, attic, insulation and ventilation etc. We document any major concerns and include minor items and maintenance items as well. A typical home inspection takes three hours including the report preparation. The walkthrough normally takes about one hour.

All building and home inspections are non-invasive. We can only inspect what is accessible and what we can see. While we cannot tell you everything there is to know about your home, you will learn a great deal about your potential future dwelling and its general condition.

We hope this gives you some insight into a Victoria home inspection. I’m Martin Kent and my company is Fairhome Building Inspections. I look forward to working for you should you require a building inspection or home inspection in Victoria or lower Vancouver Island areas.

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We provide you the most comprehensive, professional home inspectionavailable in the industry. Locally owned and operated, Fairhome Building Inspections is committed to providing the highest level of professional service to every client, every time.

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