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Home Inspection Companies in Victoria BC

country homeThere are many home inspection companies to choose from in Victoria BC. Some have been in the business for many years while others are relatively new. The majority of these are single owner /operator companies and some are multi-inspector firms.

The companies and their employees offer a range of experience and different reporting systems from paper checklist reports, to computer generated narrative reports with pictures and CD. Various combinations of these are available on site, and through online web-based systems.

At Fairhome Building Inspections we use an online web based system which contains documentation in point form for easy reading. Our report includes the major systems of the home inspected with descriptions, limitations and recommendations along with minor items of note, but of lesser importance. Pictures and diagrams are included throughout the report to aid in your understanding. These also help to convey what issues have been identified and what should be done about it. We like to include general pictures of the home as well so you can see what the conditions are at the time of the home inspection.

Some home inspection companies provide source material for your reference. We ensure that each report includes an extensive library so you can learn about the home and gain a better understanding of the systems and how they operate. There are also many links included throughout the report which you can click on for immediate information about the items you're looking at. Additional links are included such as home improvement ‘ball park’ costs, priority maintenance items, etc.

Our reporting system is the latest state of the art technology in use today – a ‘green’ approach to reduce the carbon footprint. Your report is generated on site and will be ready for you by the time you arrive for the walk-through.

The Walk-Through

Most inspection companies will require that you to allow at least an hour for the walk-through. At that time, the inspector should highlight the home's features, identify any items which need to be addressed and answer any questions you may have regarding the home. Because of our construction, renovation and trades background, Fairhome Building Inspections are able to offer practical advice regarding repairs and maintenance.

As mentioned above, most home inspection companies will offer some kind of written report. Some will reduce their charge if you write your own notes during the walk-through. This is not recommended. At Fairhome, our reporting offers accessibility from your smart phone or PC anywhere and anytime you need to refer to them. You can save a copy to your hard drive for easy access and interactivity will be maintained. The report is in PDF format so you can easily forward it as an attachment to family and friends without the worry of emailing large files.

There are numerous home inspection companies in Victoria, BC. We pride ourselves in providing a thorough and comprehensive home inspection with the most advanced inspection report available on the market.

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We provide you the most comprehensive, professional home inspectionavailable in the industry. Locally owned and operated, Fairhome Building Inspections is committed to providing the highest level of professional service to every client, every time.

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